Trained youth, changing youth, one youth at a time

Youth In Action Student Ministries was born from our leaders’ hearts. Bishop Sharpe and Pastor Marjorie were called to the ministry at a very young age (back in the early ’80s). As Powerhouse Church grew, youth were drawn to the church. Teachers trained them and before Youth In Action had a name and became an official ministry, God continued to confirm that our church has a special place for young people. Powerhouse is a breeding bed for youth to come and be trained in way of the Lord. We value the youth as they are just as important as anyone else or any other department—anywhere. The youth are a growing nation within the church and have taken on their own identity.
Helping youth realize they are of great value, their life matters, and they are important to others and the kingdom of God
Mission Statement
Powerhouse Church’s youth ministry exists to round up young people, connect them to Jesus, minister to them academically, socially, and spiritually–equipping them through prayer and the Word of God to be effective youth in their homes, to their peers, in their neighborhoods, communities, churches, and to the nations.
Impact and influence the next generation—other youth (inside and outside Powerhouse Church)